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Welcome to CoachBotics! My name is Steve Harries.

CoachBotics is a cloud-based AI chatbot designed specifically for corporate executive coaches like you. Our goal is to streamline and elevate your client management processes.

With CoachBotics, you can save both time and money, all while effectively overseeing your clients and their coaching journeys, all in one convenient place.

Our intelligent AI chatbot empowers coaches to swiftly address client queries, tailor coaching programmes, and monitor progress and outcomes.

Moreover, CoachBotics lets you create automated messages, ensuring seamless communication with your clients and the continuous success of your coaching practice.

Let us support you in maintaining organisation and efficiency with our cutting-edge AI chatbot. Give CoachBotics a try today!

CoachBotics can help you:

  • Find your ideal clients. Who are they? What are their needs and challenges?

  • Create a message that will reach them: What makes your coaching services unique? What value do you offer that no one else does?

  • Turn leads into customers: How can you follow up with leads and close more deals?


Your AI-Powered Workforce Awaits!

With our cool AI tech, we create digital helpers that can do lots of jobs for you, like scheduling meetings or checking out possible clients. This means you get more free time to focus on the important stuff!

Effortless, Omni-Channel Engagement!

Think of our chatbots like super helpful friends who can talk to people through all kinds of ways - emails, phone calls, even on social media. No matter where people want to chat, these bots make sure every conversation is special and feels just right.

Tailored Client Experiences!

You can chat with your customers just like a real person would. You can give them special advice just for them, answer their questions, and help them out, all while making them feel like they're talking to a real person, not a machine. It's like having a friendly chat that helps your customers get exactly what they need.

AI-Powered CRM

Imagine you're a coach and you've got lots of clients to manage. What if there was a special helper to make that job easier? That's where CoachBotics' special system comes in. It's like a helper that keeps track of all your clients, makes sure they get the right messages at the right time, and even helps with your sales. Plus, it can create special emails just for your clients. Pretty cool, right?

Save Time and Costs

Imagine having a helper that takes care of your tasks, so you have more time for fun stuff. That's what CoachBotics does - it's like a magic tool that helps do a lot of work automatically, saving time and money. It's like having extra hours in the day to do what you enjoy most! Now, isn't that neat?

Scale and Adapt

Imagine your business is like a tree, growing bigger and stronger each day. Our tools are like the sunshine and water that help your tree grow. No matter how big your tree gets, we've got enough 'sunshine and water' to keep up. This helps you stay ahead in a world where things are changing super fast!



Expert Guidance and Support

As a key part of our service, we're here to help and guide you all the way. We'll make sure your chatbot works perfectly and helps you achieve your dreams. Remember, your success is our success!


Advanced Analytics

Think of this like understanding your friends better. Imagine if you could know what your friends like, what they don't like, and when they change their mind about something. You could make smarter choices. We can help you understand your customers just like that, guiding you to make better decisions for your business.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity

What if you had a buddy who could take care of your math problems while you draw your favourite comic? That's pretty much what our chatbots do for businesses. They handle all the dull, repeat jobs, so the team can focus on the really cool tasks. Our chatbots lighten the work burden and help businesses achieve more!

Powered by CoachBotics

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What Our Bots And System Can Do For Your Coaching Business


Appointment Scheduling

Imagine having a really helpful friend who can tidy up your schedule, reminding you of meetings and finding free time. That's what our tech wizards do! They make planning your day super easy and fun.


Lead Generation and Qualification

Imagine having a helper who's always ready to chat with people who visit your website, no matter what time it is. Our smart bots do just that! They chat, understand, and figure out what your visitors might need or want. They even keep track of the visitors' contact info so you can follow up later in a personal way. It's like making new friends, but with a cool, tech-savvy helper!


Automate Customer Interactions

Picture having a friend who is always ready to help, no matter if it's day or night. That's what our bots are like! They help make talking to customers easy and fun. They can answer questions, guide people, and even give special help that's just right for each person. Their job is to make sure everyone is happy and has a great experience!


Sales and Conversion Support

Think of our bots as friendly helpers, always there to lend a hand. They chat about what you do, help calm folks who might be a little worried, and guide people to make good choices. And guess what, they can do all this without ever needing to stop for a snack break!

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The Full Scoop on Building a Powerful Email List: Unleashing the Power Within for Executive and Business Coaches

July 18, 20236 min read

"Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable, personal touches - at scale."

- David Newman, business author and marketing expert.

Hello, hello, fellow coaches,

Do you ever feel like you're playing hide and seek with your clients in the vast and tumultuous playground we call the internet? If so, you're not alone. Luckily, I'm here to share a secret weapon with you—an engaged, robust email list. Imagine it as your personal group of cheerleaders, eager for your advice, your ideas, and yes, even your dad jokes. The trick, of course, is getting that team together and keeping them entertained.

Let’s embark on a step-by-step journey (don’t worry, I won’t make you do lunges) to help you amass a vibrant email list that can evolve your audience into a dynamic community of dedicated clients and enthusiasts.

The Mighty Email List: A Necessary Staple in Your Coaching Toolbox

Imagine navigating the seas of social media, your message in a bottle bobbing along with thousands of others, hoping it’ll land in the right hands. Sounds exhausting, right? Well, an email list is your personal delivery service, hand-delivering your valuable insights directly into the inboxes of those who are genuinely interested.

Emails, in essence, provide a quiet, calm coffee shop atmosphere away from the bustling social media market square. They allow you to engage with potential and existing clients in a more personal and professional manner. And let's be real, who wouldn't love a personal invite to a less crowded, more catered space?

As executive and business coaches, our craft revolves around building trust and guiding our clients towards achieving their personal and professional objectives. It's like being a tour guide on the journey of their careers - minus the funky hat and flag. In this respect, a healthy email list can be your ticket booth, the first step for potential clients to sign up for the adventure you offer.

Email List Building 101: Mapping Out the Start Line

  1. Audience Identification

Just as you wouldn’t serve Brussel sprouts at a kid’s birthday party (trust me, I’ve learned from experience), you need to understand your audience to offer them content they'll appreciate. Your audience could be a mixed bag—C-suite executives, eager-beaver entrepreneurs, or small business owners. Identifying your ideal subscriber persona will help you to create more targeted, useful, and let’s be honest, less Brussel sprout-like content.

  1. The Art of Crafting a Valuable Proposition

Here’s the hard truth: inboxes are sacred. Folks guard them like mama bears guard their cubs. So, you’ve got to offer something valuable to be allowed in. It’s kind of like trying to woo a dog with a treat (though, please, no actual barking is required). Maybe you've written an enlightening e-book, filmed a how-to video series, or can offer exclusive access to webinars. Whatever your delicious treat is, make sure it’s something your audience won't be able to resist.

  1. Creating a Home Base with a Landing Page

Setting up a dedicated landing page is like creating a cozy lounge for your visitors. This page should highlight your value proposition, include a compelling call-to-action (or as I like to call it, the "Welcome! Come on in"), and ensure the sign-up process is simpler than deciding to have a second piece of chocolate (I mean, who can resist?). And don't worry if you’re not the most tech-savvy—tools like Unbounce, Leadpages, or Instapage are here to make you look like a pro.

Your Email List: A Garden in Bloom

  1. The Quest for High-Quality Content

Here’s a secret—content is king. And queen. And probably the whole royal court. If your emails consistently deliver insightful, actionable, and 'aha!' inducing advice, your audience will stick around. You might even become the highlight of their day, right up there with their morning coffee or catching the bus on time.

  1. Social Media: Your Cheerful Town Crier

Even though we're talking about moving away from the noisy social media market, that doesn't mean we can't dip in now and again. Use your social media platforms to drop teasers about your juicy email content or upcoming newsletters. You might just pique enough curiosity to drive subscriptions, and who knows, maybe even start a few conversations!

  1. Sharing is Caring

Just as we teach our kids, sharing is caring. If your subscribers find your content valuable, they’ll likely want to share it with others. It’s like finding a great new restaurant—you want your friends to enjoy it too (just hopefully not all at once, we don't want any virtual overcrowding, do we?).

  1. Building Bridges: Collaborations and Partnerships

Ever thought about joining forces with other coaches or industry experts? Teamwork makes the dream work, after all. Hosting joint webinars, sharing guest posts, or exchanging resources not only adds value for your subscribers but also exposes you to a new audience. It’s a win-win situation, or as I like to call it, a double scoop of success.

Making Your Email List Sparkle: Fine-tuning for Success

  1. Segmentation: A Personal Touch

Segmenting your email list is like having a dinner party. You wouldn’t serve the same dish to your vegan cousin as your steak-loving brother-in-law, right? The same applies to your emails. Tailoring your content to match the unique tastes and needs of your subscribers can drastically increase engagement and keep everyone happily digesting your content.

  1. Keep it Clean

Cleaning might not be the most glamorous job (unless we're talking about a dance-off with a mop), but it's essential. Regularly dust off your email list to remove inactive subscribers. This ensures your metrics are more 'Marie Kondo' and less 'cluttered garage', and that you're not spending time on leads that are about as responsive as a brick wall.

  1. The Two-Way Street: Regular Interaction

We’ve all heard that communication is a two-way street, right? This doesn’t just apply to marriage advice; it's also relevant for your email list. Besides the regular newsletters, consider sending personalised messages to your subscribers. Congratulating them on milestones, wishing them on special occasions, or just checking in on them can go a long way. Remember, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

  1. Feedback: The Spice of Progress

The last, but certainly not least, don't be shy about asking for feedback. Constructive criticism can be just as valuable, if not more, than applause. It might sting as much as accidentally biting your tongue, but it's just as important for growth.

In conclusion, building a dynamic email list is a golden ticket for executive and business coaches. It provides a direct and personal channel of communication with potential clients, allowing you to build a community around your brand. While it demands time, effort, and patience, just like perfecting grandma's secret apple pie recipe, the result is a strong, engaged audience who look forward to every email you send.

Keep striving, keep thriving, and most importantly, have fun along the way. Happy list-building!

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Steve Harries

With a wealth of diverse experiences under his belt, from a 26-year tenure in the UK Police to transforming a rundown B&B into a thriving business, he's a testament to tenacity and strategic thinking. His journey is marked not only by professional achievement but also by a profound love for his family as a devoted father and grandfather. He found his passion for marketing during his time in the hospitality industry and has since become an ardent advocate for leveraging AI as a powerful tool in the field. Now, as the CEO of CoachBotics, he combines his expertise in marketing with his enthusiasm for AI to help Executive, Leadership, and Business Coaches revolutionize their marketing strategies. He believes in empowering coaches to streamline lead generation, freeing them to do what they do best - coaching their clients. His dedication extends beyond his role at CoachBotics, acting as an accountability buddy to startup business owners, offering invaluable marketing tips and guidance. A passionate innovator at heart, he continually seeks out ways to inspire growth and foster success in others.

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What do you use AI chat bots for?

AI chat bots are like superpowered assistants. They handle customer queries round the clock, engage with website visitors, qualify leads, and even schedule appointments. They're always there, ready to serve, making business operations smoother and freeing up your valuable time.

How can chatbot be used for lead generation?

Imagine a chatbot sparking a chat with a potential client, asking about budget and schedule. Now, based on the response, it can swing into action in two ways: 1. Whisk them straight to the to make an appointment with your expert or 2. Keep the conversation flowing, delving deeper with more qualifying questions. It's about steering the conversation, making connections, and driving the whole process forward, all with a bit of AI magic.

How do I embed AI ChatBot in my website?

We've got your back at CoachBotics! We manage all the tech work, making the integration process smooth and effortless. You keep your focus on your coaching, and we'll make sure your AI ally is up and running, enhancing your online presence!

How Much Does it Cost?

At CoachBotics, our pricing depends on your unique needs and goals. We pride ourselves in offering flexible plans and tailored solutions to give you the most bang for your buck. To dive deeper into our pricing structure, including the various options we provide, it's best to get in touch with our stellar team directly. We're here to understand your coaching business and provide a bespoke pricing estimate that aligns with your needs. So why wait? book a call at

What is CRM system and how it works?

Picture a central hub where you can store every speck of information about your customers and potential leads. It's a space to monitor customer interactions and share the insights with your team. Essentially, it's about harnessing relationships with clients and propelling your business forward. Think of it as the lifeblood of your customer relationship management - a critical tool for any business eager to thrive in today's fast-paced world.

Do You Really Provide a CRM Free of Charge?

Indeed we do! At CoachBotics, when you sign up for any of our services – be it AI bot creation, monthly email campaign, or content creation – we include a cutting-edge CRM absolutely free. We believe in delivering exceptional value, and that's our way of ensuring you get the most comprehensive, effective, and efficient service possible!

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